Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baked beans

1.5 KG white small beans in a glass or tin, or even dried ones, then fill the dried ones in a pot, fill up with water and let sit over night.
1 KG tomato juice, 2 packets or tins of 500g each.
1 KG tomato cubes, pizza tomatos, whatever. Tomatos cut into pieces, thats it.
some chili, powder or fresh chili cut into small pieces, seeds removed.
some grind cumin
sweetener, based on stevia, 4-5 pills, drained in a half cup of hot water
2-3 medium sized onions
500g ham or bacon cubes
Oil, peanut oil for example

Heat a  big pot or pan or wok and heat 2-3 tsp of oil.

Peal onions and cut into cubes, then fry them on medium temperature in the hot oil.

Add the ham/bacon cubes and stirr well.

Add the white beans, tomato juice, tomato cubes, spices and sweetener and stirr well and let it cook at medium heat for 30-45 minutes.

As the whole thing now is quite liquid,  because of the tomato juice itself and the drained sweetener in a half cup of water, even if you cleaned the packages or tins of tomatos with water and poured it into the pot, you want to reduce the water from the dish by cooking it.

The result should look like beans covered with tomatos and spices and not like a tomato soup with beans and ham in it. So you know, how long you must cook it at a medium temperature. Until most of the liquid is gone.

Stirr from time to time.

Taste, if needed, add more spices as you like. Even some red hot chili sauce might fit, if you like it a little bit more hot.

Serve hot and enjoy.

It even tastes better if you let cool it down, freeze it in a fridge and heat it some days later in a microwave oven. The beans are more weak and the taste is more intensive.


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